The most frequently asked questions and answers.
  • When will the DVDs be sent?
  • Can I watch the movies I download on my TV?
  • What to do when downloading falters or stops completely?
  • I'm having trouble downloading/download is very slow
  • How can I watch the films on my television?
  • I can't remember my password. Now what?
  • How do I pay for a film?
  • I want to watch a film but I am not yet 18. Is this allowed?
  • What is streaming?
  • How do I watch a film?
  • I want to watch a film using 'streaming', but I get no picture.
  • What file formats are there and which is the most suitable for me?
  • What are the advantages of an account?
  • Does DVDDownload treat my details confidentially?
  • Can I get a discount on films?
  • No films are sent by post. DVDDownload only provides services whereby you can digitally download and/or stream films.
  • Specially for this purpose we offer the .ISO file. These files are easy to burn on DVD, you can use any burn software. After you burned it successfully on a DVD you can watch it through any DVD-player on your TV.
  • Wireless
    Usually this happens when you use a wireless network connection. It may happen that the connection just drops when downloading large files and the download stops. This can be solved by means of connecting to a wired connection.

    Wired connection
    When you use a wired connection it may be possible that you network cable is defect, in this case try to change the cable. It is also possible that the port on your modem/router is defect, the best solution for this is you try another port.

    Possible solution (if above mentioned solutions not work)
  • Option 1 - wireless
    This usually happens if you have a wireless network. In this case it is possible that the connection might drop out when downloading big files and the download stops. You might be able to solve this by connecting over a land line.

    Option 2 – land line
    If you have a land line connection it is possible that there are problems with your network cable, you can solve this by using another cable. It is also possible that your port on the modem/router is not working properly, try putting the network cable in another free port and test it again. In the worst case your modem router is defective and keeps resetting itself. In this case contact your internet provider.

    Option 3 – possible solution (if the above does not help)
    You can install a download accelerator. This programme ensures that your download stops when the connection is broken and continues automatically where it left off when the line is active again. This means you do not have to download the entire file again.
  • This is possible in two ways. First of all, you can connect your computer to your television. Secondly, it is possible to burn your downloaded film on DVD. DVDDownload especially offers the .ISO file format for this purpose. When you download an ISO file, you can burn it on to a DVD using any random burning program and then play it on your DVD player.
  • In order to retrieve your password you only have to enter your e-mail address on this page. Your password will then be automatically sent to you.
  • At DVDDownload you can pay for your film in different ways: Ideal, Credit Card, Direct Debit and through your telephone. Depending on your payment method it is possible that a number of details have to be entered. If you have an account, the costs of your film will naturally be automatically charged to your credit.
  • No. All films may only be viewed by people of 18 or older.
  • Streaming is the technology to directly watch audio and video (read: film) on the internet. With streaming it is not necessary to download a film first in order to watch it, so it can be played virtually immediately.
  • This depends on how you want to watch the film and the equipment on which you are going to play the film. If you want to watch a film directly using streaming, the film will start playing automatically in your browser after payment.

    If you download a film different programmes are available to play the film. If you have a Windows-PC, you can generally watch a downloaded film in Windows Media Player. This is usually already installed on every Windows-PC. An example of a free player to play films is VLC player, which can be downloaded here.

    If you possess an Apple, you can view an .mp4 downloaded film with Quicktime.
  • Streaming a film is possible using a browser. However, it is required that your browser has the 'Shockwave Flash' plug-in. If you want to stream a film we recommend that you ensure that the most recent version of 'Shockwave Flash' is installed. This can be installed free from
  • With regard to downloading, DVDDownload offers the formats MP4, ISO and WMV.

    WMV – WMV stands for 'Windows Media Video' and is a Microsoft film format. The format can always be played with the help of 'Windows Media Player', which is present as standard on all Windows-PCs.

    MP4 – The mp4 format has been especially developed for mobile equipment like smartphones and iPads.

    ISO – An ISO file, also called an image, is an exact copy of a dvd. An ISO contains the entire content of a cd or dvd plus additional information on exactly how the data are to be burned on cd/dvd. ISO files can be burned or mounted directly on cd or dvd (mounting is the loading of an ISO file in a virtual cd or dvd player).
  • First of all, if you have an account you do not pay any transaction costs for a film. In addition, you will always be the first to be informed of new offers. You will also be informed of new films and offers which align with your interests. Lastly, you can view your download history at any time, so that you can see what films you have already watched.
  • DVDDownload will never furnish your personal details to third parties without your consent.
  • DVDDownload regularly gives special discounts. For special offers and discounts we recommend that you regularly check the website or register for our newsletter. However, it is not (yet) possible to get a discount on films on a personal basis.